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JanFeb 2023 Timely Topics (English and Spanish)

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If you were unable to attend, you can go to the following links to catch up with this month's classes.
Talking to Your Family About Your Child's Special Needs

Teaching Safety Skills

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September 2022 Newsletter & Parenting class Schedule
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November/December 2021 Newsletter & Parenting class Schedule
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Healthy Relationships Utah. Take a free relationship course! Courses are available throughout Utah. For more information, go here.

Open Enrollment for Affordable Health Insurance
If you or your family are in need of Affordable Health Insurance, please contact the Jordan School District Health Services Department 801-567-8515.

Jordan's Health Services can also help you enroll in public insurance programs like Medicaid or CHIP.

Articles About Early Intervention
USA Today Article - Pandemic Babies
What to do if you feel your baby is behind in development
Concerned About Your Child's Development? 
How to Help Your Child with Play with Others and Reduce Behaviors.